„ I`ve chosen this school, because is the only one, whitch offers  English course preparing to CAE exam. Another thing; some languages schools close their doors in working hours and don`t even answer the phone.

Conclusion: Espero is the only school in this town, offering CAE course. Also contact with the office is always nice and easy”.


„ In my opinion it`s worth to attend to Espero School.

During these extra lessons, I`ve lernt a lot of vocabulary, new phrases and information.

I`ve also met really nice people.

Btw, I think our teacher is the coolest in the world”.

Eliza A.

„I have started this course, because I wanted to be well prepared for my high-school exam.

I thing, that is the best way of learning (in gropup), because we motivate each other to keep learning.

I can see the huge difference and improvement in my English, mostly in gammar and speaking”.


„ I attend English lessons at Espero School, because I think it`s a great way to improve my language skills.

I also learn English at school, but I want to know something more.

Having a talk in a small group of people is better for me, then learning along with a book.”


„ In Espero School I really like reading magazines and learning new things.

My vocabulary is still expanding. I like listenings, working with songs and playing English games.

Teacher explains everything very clearly”.

Balbina K.

„Według mnie Szkoła Espero dobrze uczy. Dzięki temu, że chodzę na te zajęcia umiem język niemiecki i angielski znacznie lepiej niż przedtem. Czasami męczące jest chodzenie do Espero po całym dniu szkoły, ale nauczyciele rekompensują to z nawiązką dobrym nauczaniem”.

Jacek K.

„I like our magazines, they have nice texts. There is a nice atmosphere. I learn a lot about vocabulary and grammar.

We also play interesting games”.


„ In my opinion the atmosphere is great. I learn a lot. I like our group. The Mary Glasgow magazine is interesting”.

Marta W.

„Uczę się już tutaj ponad rok i na pewno będę to kontynuować. Dzięki dodatkowym lekcjom w Espero umiem dużo rzeczy poza programem w mojej szkole”.


„We are listening and talking a lot. We have interesting and current topics. There is very good location, near the bus stop”.

Oliwier Ryba

„Friendly atmosphere on lessons.

Interesting and current topics.

Nice magazines.

Comfortable clasrooms”.

Maksymilian Jaworski

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